We are starting 2023 with some good news, Chartmat boards now allow you to create user logins . This much awaited feature not only lets your users access the board but a user can also show unique data entered by the same user. Also this gives flexibility of sharing each board with specific set of users .

You now have four options to set the sign in for your boards.

Sign in methods

Sign in

Who can access

No sign in

Only Workspace admins

Anyone can sign in

Any user on the web 

Password protect

Anyone can sign if they have password

User created by Admin

Only users added by Admin

So to start first you need to make sure your board is set to public and then choose the sign in method. 

In this case we selected - Anyone can sign 

Once this is set , you can share the web app or dashboard URL with any user.

User will get below login screen where he has to type his email to receive a secure PIN.

Secure PIN will be sent to the user email.

User will be able to see the app/dashboard data.

Show only logged in user data 

You can also show the logged in user data for any table block. This means any users when logged into the app will see his own unique data.

To achieve this you would need to add _id column anywhere in your google sheets.


Once this is added , any user logging into the dashboard or app will only see data that he enters into the Chartmat boards.

Just make sure add new row to everyone - this will allow users to enter their own data to the table .

When a new signed in user enters any data to the chartmat table the _id column will assign a unique id to this dataset, just like below