List of all recognized separator characters:


List of all available date formats ( parsing tokens)

Example format- DD,MM,YYYY where , is the separator

YY01Two-digit year
YYYY2001Four-digit year
M1-12Month, beginning at 1
MM01-12Month, 2-digits
MMMJan-DecThe abbreviated month name
MMMMJanuary-DecemberThe full month name
D1-31Day of month
DD01-31Day of month, 2-digits
HH00-23Hours, 2-digits
h1-12Hours, 12-hour clock
hh01-12Hours, 12-hour clock, 2-digits
mm00-59Minutes, 2-digits
ss00-59Seconds, 2-digits
S0-9Hundreds of milliseconds, 1-digit
SS00-99Tens of milliseconds, 2-digits
SSS000-999Milliseconds, 3-digits
Z-05:00Offset from UTC
ZZ-0500Compact offset from UTC, 2-digits
AAM PMPost or ante meridiem, upper-case
aam pmPost or ante meridiem, lower-case
Do1st... 31stDay of Month with ordinal
X1410715640.579Unix timestamp
x1410715640579Unix ms timestamp