• Is my data safe with Chartmat?
    Chartmat gets access only to the specific files you select. We don't get access to your entire Google Drive folder or to any other spreadsheet you don't specifically select. We don't store any of your data from your Google Drive account on our servers. The data is streamed in real time from Google and it never touches our database.

    On the case of public boards and embeds, data is cached at a CDN level (not on our servers) for 10 minutes. This is mandatory to avoid hitting the Google API thousands of times a seconds and it affects only public boards where the data is public anyways. Private boards are never cached.
  • What can I build?
    Whenever you create a new board you will be able to select any of our ready made templates. You can use those as a starting point!

  • Can I try Chartmat for free?
    Yes, we allow non-commercial use of Chartmat on a free account. Note that we restrict the number of apps you can build and the data rows that you can process.
  • Can you build a board for me?
    Yes! We do build boards for customers. Just reach out to us at support@chartmat.com and let us know your specific requirements.
  • Can I add my team mates?
    Yes, for each board you can add as many team members as you want.
  • My data doesn't seem right. What am I doing wrong?
    Chartmat assumes per default that the data you want to display starts in row 1 of column A and contains a header. If the data you wish to visualize does not start in A1 open the board settings and change the reference cells for data source. Note that you can also select data from custom ranges, e.g. B2:E20. For further guidance please see the documentation for Board Settings.
  • How can I cancel my account?
    You can cancel your account with one click in your account settings at chartmat.com/account