Forms allow you to make your spreadsheet interactive. With forms you can add data to your spreadsheet and use it as a database. This allows you to truly build anything.

As with the other blocks, each column needs to be added as an axis 

You can then edit each input type in the settings below each axis name

Please note:

  • If you add options like true, false those will be the only options which the user can select. The options will be displayed to the user in the form of a drop-down menu.
  • If you hide the input it will be hidden, so it's value will be equal to the default value (normally empty).
  • You can use regex to validate common inputs. We have a list of common regex you can use.

Special default values

You can add any default value which will be filled in advance. On top of that we have two special default values which Chartmat automatically assigns:

valuewill becomeexampleNotes
The email of the user logged inyou@example.comThis field can't be edited
The current date (when the form is submitted)2021-07-27This can be edited

Below you can observe an example of the default value  [(user_email)]: