Sometimes when you try to build a Chartmat Board you might obtain an error like this: 

The Google API returned an error. Please try again...

Below we summarize the most common ways to solve Google API errors:

  • Do not use special characters in the names of your sheet tabs such as "?" since they trigger problems with the Google API
  • Make sure the data your are trying to connect from your Google Drive Account is saved as a Google Spreadsheet. The connection won't work if the data is stored in a different format (e.g. *.csv)
  • Refresh your Google Account Connection: Go to your Workspace settings and click on the "refresh connection" button. Make sure to use the same account which was connected before, otherwise your existing blocks & boards won't be able to read the data since now there is a different account connected. The connection might get lost every time you change your Google password since your token gets revoked. 

If you still encounter problems please reach out and we will help you fix them.